There are many reasons to choose us:

Precise installation planning: We calculate the maximum installation lengths on the basis of precise measurement values, and we do this at our technical center if requested.

Broad product range: We will advise you before, during and after the project while we assemble an optimal conveyor system for you.

Low maintenance: We produce low-wear hardened chains, which rarely require shortening.

Unique premium chain: We ensure that your dry feeding runs smoothly

Individual control: We offer everything from simple control for dry feedings to intelligent premium control that reduces load strain for load-dependent system fillings.

High compatibility: We provide transportation connections to other manufacturers with a 60mm conveyor pipe or other diameters.

More than 20,000 installed systems worldwide – which makes us one of the leading providers of conveyance technology in agriculture and industry.

In addition to this, your pipe-chain conveyance system has the expert status: We produce pipe-chain systems with various pipe diameters. And we are constantly developing our systems further together with our customers.

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Witte-Lastrup GmbH

General manager: Johannes Witte

Company headquarters: Lastrup

District cout Oldenburg HRB 150 978

  • Schnelter Str. 42
  • D-49688 Lastrup
  • Phone:+49(0)44 72-94 04-0
  • Fax:+49(0)44 72 / 94 04 40