EasyPlay / Animal Welfare

Innovative solution for animal welfare

The initiative Animal welfare driven by farmers, meat industry and food retailers, has the goal to improve significant the conditions of animals kept in modern stables.

These demands technical solutions . Witte-Lastrup as a leading provider of dry feeding equipment develops and manufactures these products.

Especially Witte-Lastrup’s “Easyplay” is providing organic material through the transport system. Which is specially designed to bring the roughage into the stable and ensures that the animals are regularly employed. Due to that the stress level is lowered and at the same time more pleasant conditions in the barn are made.

Automated employment

Conventional systems have to be filled by hand. This requires a considerable amount of work, which is needless with Easyplay.

The chain feeding system Easyplay provides the animals randomly with roughage in the form of pellets or particles. Here, the farmer is free to decide how often the system should dose out. Once this is defined, only the central container has to be filled up.
The Controller ensures that the system is always filled with enough roughage.
The Sensor recognizes If the pipeline is empty and the system automatically refills. Once the sensors displays “full”, the control changes from “filling” to “discharge”. In this mode, the system randomly dosis, according to the setting made by the farmer. The animals can’t get used to a certain rhythm.

To avoid stress all the animals will be provided roughage at the same time with the same amount available through quality pneumatic valves. 20-30 grams of roughage per day, per animal are adequate to achieve a significant improvement in health and social behavior.

When dropping the pellets into the trough, the animals will be attracted by the sound. This will significantly reduces the aggression an additionally ensures a much better intestinal flora, which affects the overall health positive

Our EASY PLAY products


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