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silver for Witte Lastrup

With the "Bypass "Clean 9T" an innovative further development or supplement of corners in tube chain systems is now available.

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your specialist for everything related to dry feed

More than 20,000 installed systems worldwide – which makes us one of the leading providers of conveyance technology in agriculture and industry.

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There are many reasons
to choose us:

Low maintenance:

We produce low-wear hardened chains, which rarely require shortening.

Unique premium

We ensure that your dry feeding runs smoothly


High compatibility:

We provide transportation connections to other manufacturers with a 60mm conveyor pipe or other diameters.

Precise installation

We calculate the maximum installation lengths on the basis of precise measurement values, and we do this at our technical center if requested.

max. calc. systemlength

Broad product

We will advise you before, during and after the project while we assemble an optimal conveyor system for you.


Individual control:

We offer everything from simple control for dry feedings to intelligent premium control that reduces load strain for load-dependent system fillings.

Animal Welfare
Innovative solution for animal welfare

The initiative Animal welfare driven by farmers, meat industry and food retailers, has the goal to improve significant the conditions of animals kept in modern stables.

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