Animal welfare must be affordable.

According to §26 of the Animal Welfare and Farm Animal Husbandry Ordinance, all farm animals must be offered not only roughage, but also harmless manipulable material, which from 1.8.2021 must also be organic and rich in fibre. In addition, the material must be „movable“, „examinable“ and „changeable“ and „serve exploratory behaviour“.

With tieraktiv, you ensure the automated, ground-level roughage supply for your animals. In addition, they are encouraged to pursue their natural behaviour: Digging, pecking, hoarding and burrowing. This in turn has a calming effect on the animals, reduces stress levels and the potential for aggression.
Whether retrofitting your existing housing facilities or building new ones: There are numerous funding opportunities that you as a farmer can take advantage of to compensate for upcoming investments for more animal welfare.
Below you can find an overview of possible regional and national subsidies and where exactly you can apply for them.