Witte Lastrup GmbH

Sales for drive and feeding systems as well as complete concentrate feed plants | Feeding for pigs and poultry

Witte-Lastrup GmbH is your specialist for everything related to dry feed. We are both a wholesaling partner for a wide variety of tube chain conveyor systems, and a developer of specialized tube chain conveyor components. Customer-specific product development, too, is included in our spectrum of services. We deliver rapidly, worldwide.

EasyPlay / Animal Welfare

Innovative solution for animal welfare

The initiative Animal welfare driven by farmers, meat industry and food retailers, has the goal to improve significant the conditions of animals kept in modern stables. These demands technical solutions . Witte-Lastrup as a leading provider of dry feeding equipment develops and manufactures these products.

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Automated employment

Conventional systems have to be filled by hand. This requires a considerable amount of work, which is needless with Easyplay. The chain feeding system Easyplay provides the animals randomly with roughage in the form of pellets or particles. Here, the farmer is free to decide how often the system should dose out. Once this is defined, only the central container has to be filled up.

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