Even more hygiene in your feeding system.

he internal seal, which can also be retrofitted, and the reduced space between the corner wheel and the housing are two key points of this corner. Because if moisture cannot get in, nothing can mould and where less feed is left behind, the conveyor system cannot be slowed down either.

Easy cleaning.

The connections in the housing allow the corner-piece to be cleaned with compressed air without having to open it. Ribbing is no longer visible on the outside, meaning that there are no corners to clean debris out of.

Stable and functionally reliable.

From now on, you can easily insert screws into recesses made in the pipe clamps. The new optimised wheel is the only one on the market that meets the requirements for a stable and functionally reliable corner wheel. The curved spokes push the feed outwards, the notches on the outer ring ensure that the feed is released back into the conveyor. The precisely shaped knobs on the wheel contact surface ensure that the wheel always rotates with it.

At a glance.

  • made of PA GF
  • with two specially sealed ball bearings, with stainless steel axle and screws
  • new optimised cast wheel with five curved struts, five knobs and two cut-outs on both sides
  • for 60 mm delivery pipe
  • available in blue, green, red and black

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